About Us

Welcome to Custom Engineered Performance

We are dedicated to your 944, 944 turbo and 968 needs.

Supporting the Porsche Club of America for over 5 years!   

Our goal here at C.E.P is to provide you with quality performance    
parts for your street car, your weekend warrior or your full blown
track car.

We currently have many parts to choose from and we specialize in
"Dry sump" kits. We can provide you with parts or "kits".

Our pans are custom "cast" and CNC'd to perfection.

There is no more need to cut up and weld stock pans. This can be
big hassle. The high Zinc content in the aluminum, plus, the fact that
its been sitting, absorbing oil for 20 years, does NOT make for a
good weld.  

The pan sits as close to the crank as possible. Allowing you to lower
the motor as low as possible. Custom, removable, windage tray for
improved oil control.

  Brake and suspension parts will be added soon.

Please bare with us, this site is new and still under construction.  It
will be updated frequently so please keep checking in!!

Meantime feel free to browse around and ask questions.