Custom Engineered Performance
Custom Engineered Performance is dedicated to your 944, 944 turbo and
968 needs.
  Not only can we provide you with engine, suspension, brakes and
chassis parts,  we can provide you with many custom "one off" CNC
machined parts.

If there are any specialty parts you would like built,  feel free to inquire.

We can take drawings and turn them into a reality.  If you can provide us
with a CAD or Solid Works drawing, We can get you a price on the
machine work.
Welcome to Custom Engineered Performance!


       Whats New?  - Dry sump kits are in !!!!

Do you want to keep your a/c and p/s?  No problem!

We sell every part you need to dry sump your engine. Custom brackets are
our specialty!

Winter is here and its time to think about building that ultimate motor.  

Don't want to put it off until the spring?   We can help.

We have all your needs covered.  Do you want a "dry sump" track engine?  
C.E.P has what you need to build the motor of your dreams.
If your looking for options,  drop us an